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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our Mission

Stewarding God's Creation Sustainably

 We believe that it is our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation.  At Field of Blessings Farm it is our mission to ensure that we steward our land and animals in such a way that our farming practices protect and benefit our animals, our environment, and our community in a concerted effort to ensure a more sustainable future.

From Backyard to Farm Yard

Caution! Wide-Load

March 1, 2017
Anticipation is growing, along with the growing abdominal girths of a few of our girls!...

Whether the weather…

February 16, 2017
After reading some posts from fellow goat owners, I have recently had the point driven home...

We’re in a Rut

November 20, 2016
We are in a rut! But we’re not complaining too much about being in this...

To Late to Answer the Sounding the Alarm

November 4, 2016
It was by chance that I heard the flocks sounding their alarm.  It was a...

We are proud to be members of the Livestock Conservancy in support of the promotion and preservation efforts of endangered poultry and livestock. 

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